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To make golf learning more interesting, challenging, competitive, Golden Swan Country Club decided to start Golden Swan Premier League. The Golf tournament that's like nothing you've ever seen before! Hit far, hit the crash test dummy, aim for the tree trunk, do things that you never imagined doing a on a golf course. But most importantly, have a truckload of fun.

The Tournaments are held on a monthly basis. Since July 9, 2012 we have held 9 tournaments with last tournament ending on April 2013.

Since the 9-Hole Golf Course, Driving Range and Golden Swan Golf Academy was launched on 15 February, 2014, the Tenth Tournament was held on 23 March 2014 and will be held every month.

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There are four teams participating in the Tournaments and there are more than 25 members in each team.

Atomic Aces Fairway Gladiators Space Eagles Terminator Fore