Q1) How do I benefit through the SHORT BREAK membership?
Ans. Out of the Rs.15,000 you pay you get back Rs.5,000 in terms of food coupons as a gift. So virtually for Rs.10,000 you are getting 10 years membership benefit, plus 25 Golden Swan Short Breaks Stay Coupons (to be utilised during Mid and Off Season) + Discount on Rooms, F&B and Packages + You can gift the coupons to your family and friends.

Q2) How many days in a year can I avail of SHORT BREAK Stay Coupons?
Ans. You can use Short Break Stay Coupons for approximately 220 days in a year during Mid & Off Season.

Q3) Can I use Stay Coupons on weekends?
Ans. Yes at Golden Swan Properties - Hotel Airlines International & Hotel Golden Swan only. You can avail 15% discount on packages on weekends at all Golden Swan Short Breaks Properties.

Q4) How much do I have to pay as utility charges when I use the SHORT BREAK Stay Coupons?
Ans. You only have to pay Rs.750 for Non-AC Room and Rs.950 for AC Room per day per room for 2 Adults and 2 Children's below 12 years irrespective of the tariff. For Example the normal tariff is Rs.2,700 (at Golden Swan Country Club) against which you only have to pay Rs.950. You save Rs.1750 per night.

Q5) How do I use my food coupons and when?
Ans. You can use your food coupons to pay your food bills at Golden Swan Country Club, Golden Swan Beach Resort, Hotel Airlines International and Hotel Golden Swan, whenever you visit the property.